Ichirinokogen Hotel


一里野高原ホテル ろあん

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In the heart of Ishikawa prefecture, it takes an hour from Kanazawa. Hakusan-Shirakawago tourism highly recommends Roan as one of the best Yuyado: A hotel with hot-spring. All the hot spring water in the hotel provides the naturally flowing hot spring. Private hot-spring available rooms have two options: An open-air room or a beautiful Japanese cypress room.
There are unlimited entertainment options around Roan: hiking, trekking, eating tour, and local history explorations.
No only they offer their over-night options are unique but also their one-day trip options are exclusive.


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  • Tel: +81-76-256-7141
  • Address: CHI-70-4, Ozo, Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture, 920-2333, JAPAN
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