Hitachinokuni Izumotaisha

常陸国 出雲大社

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Hitachino Kuni Izumo Taisha is dedicated to Ookuninushino Ookami (大国主大神), called guardian god of mother land; his responsibilities are following aspects: agriculture, fishery, health, and matchmaking.
In the East side of Japan, Hitachino Kuni Izumo Taisha main house is the biggest shrine built by only Japanese cypress. Also, sacred rope in the hall of worship: weight 6000 kg, height 16 m is astonishing.
Hitachino Kuni Izumo Taisha has tried many unique approaches. Although it is still rare in Japan, Jumokusou is applied in Hitachino Kuni Izumo Taisha. Jumokuso is burial in which a tree is planted instead of a tomb.
Moreover uniquely, there are also an art gallery, and dinning hall in the area.

『常陸国 出雲大社(ひたちのくに いずもたいしゃ)』は、農業・漁業・医療・縁結びの神としても知られる国土の守護神、大国主大神(おおくにぬしのおおかみ)を祀る神社です。東日本最大級の総檜大社造りの本殿、重さ6t、長さ16mのしめ縄を有する拝殿は圧巻。

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