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The cafe, Diamant Pur is facing Ishikari bay. Hand-made bread, light snack with coffee in a hand in the soothing and peaceful atmosphere cafe will make you feel rich and peaceful.
Japanese hospitality called Omotenashi is hidden in the cafe by the owner. The cafe itself represents the characteristics of the owner; you would feel the warm and kind aspects of the personalities.

Although the view right in front of the cafe, Damant Pur is beautiful, a different type of shinning beauty can be found in Diamant Pur.

石狩湾を臨んでたたずむ 'Diamant pur' (ディアマンピュール)では、珈琲を片手に、夕日が織りなす贅沢な時間を過ごせます。
至るところに店主のおもてなしの心が表れるこの場所で、景色に負けない、キラキラした宝物(Diamount pur)を見つけることができるかもしれません。

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  • Open: till dusk - 11am
  • closed: (every) mon.
  • Tel: +81-133-78-2755
  • Address: 51-1 Atsutaku Kotani ,Ishikari-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
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