Knife direct sale of Seki city


三秀 関の刃物直売センター

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Well-known in Japan and all over the world, handcrafted by the master blacksmiths of Seki, Japan, Sanshu knives are the product of 800 years of forging traditions.

Sanshu knives are produced from the highest quality Japanese and imported steels. They’re durable, incredibly sharp and retain their edge longer than other kitchen knives. They’re a joy to cut with and will last for years and years.

Seki, Gifu prefecture is the country’s most historic blacksmithing city, the place where Japan’s legendary samurai swords were conceived. Today, the same techniques used to create those hallowed blades are now used to create the finest kitchen knives in Japan. Now their products can be sold directly from Cutler Sanshu. Also, prized by top professional chefs across Japan, Sanshu knives are now being introduced to the United States for the first time.


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