京都酒場 赤まる

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Kyoto-Sakaba Akamaru is a restaurant franchised and originally from Hiroshima; and, specifically this location in Kyoto is very unique compared to other restaurants franchised in Hiroshima. The atmosphere of this place has Japanese traditional housing style called Machiya. You would be surprised as soon as you enter the restaurant; exterior and interior are so different - please experience yourself.

The place offers very competitive and reasonable pricing.
Akamaru can help you to have unforgettable moments in not only in Hiroshima but also here in Kyoto.

京都の町屋の雰囲気を残しつつ、入ってみると屋台風の『京都酒場 赤まる』。広島の系列店とはまた違う、外観と店内のギャップを楽しめる店舗です。

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